ResMed Airsense s10 Autoset Machine Mask Filter and Software


At the best price ever

  • cpap resmed airsense s10
  • ResMed Mirage Quattro FX
  • ResMed Mirage Swift FX
  • free pack of 12 filters
  • free CPAP software

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Resmed offer overview

Cpap Resmed Airsense s10 Best Offer: machine, mask, filter and software

Elegant Simplicity
The CPAP ResMed Airsense s10 features a large, easy-to-use color screen with an intuitive menu that makes using it quick and easy.

A comfortable start
The new “Auto Ramp” function with sleep detection was developed to make your therapy as pleasant as possible right from the start. The device starts with a low pressure to make it easier to fall asleep. Once you fall asleep, the device increases the pressure to ensure the prescribed pressure level.

Individual therapy
The new AutoSet Reaction setting offers your doctor additional options
to refine the therapy with gentler pressure adjustments if necessary.

Integrated breathing air humidifier
The new heated HumidAir™ breathing air humidifier with Climate Control technology ensures
uniform humidification throughout the night and is very comfortable to use and clean.

Restful sleep
The exceptionally quiet Easy Breathe motor ensures a natural and comfortable
breathing experience and satisfied bedmates.
Resmed S9/S10 Autoset discount package

 Resmed Airsense s10 Autoset discount package INCL:

  • ResMed Airsense s10 APAP system
  • ResMed ClimateLine tubing
  • ResMed Mirage Quatro FX
  • ResMed Mirage Swift FX
  • ResMed case
  • Replacement filter set for 3 years
  • SD memory card
  • Free ResScan 6.0 software (worth 119 euros!)
  • Manual

CPAP Resmed s10 AutoSet ™ is designed for maximum comfort and automatically ensures the ideal combination of Automatic Positive Airway Presssure (APAP). automatic positive air pressure with Easy-Breathe™ Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR).

Relieving expiratory pressure to prevent your upper airway from collapsing during sleep.

The new, improved, intelligent algorithm built ResMed

This special algorithm maintains the ideal air pressure and adjusts accordingly throughout the night so you can experience the optimal therapy.

With the CPAP ResMed Airsense s10 you can be sure that you always receive the right therapy. We call it AutoSet – and you will describe it as fantastic. Quiet

S10's improved Easy-Breathe motor delivers more power but creates virtually no noise in the room, and the sounds created in the hose create the most relaxing and peaceful environment for you and your bed partner. Intuitive design

The ResMed Airsense s10 CPAP series is an evolutionary leap forward in form and function. Not only are the controls inviting, stylish and easy to use, they also offer innovative features to support and invigorate patients.

Climate control

The airsene S10 climate control delivers the optimal temperature and humidity directly into the mask. This protects you from getting wet without affecting the moisture and provides you with the most comfortable therapy.

SlimLine hose

ResMed's exclusive SlimLine and ClimateLine tubing have small diameters and are the most comfortable and easy-to-use tubing available! Improved AutoSet algorithm

The S10 Enhanced AutoSet algorithm can now differentiate between central and obstructive sleep apnea and responds accordingly. You can relax and be confident that you will always receive the right therapy. Compliance management

The Resmed S10 series offers a range of compliance management solutions that support high quality assurance in patient care. The therapy can be easily monitored and ensures that any problems can be identified early and treated quickly.

The Resmed H5i humidifier was developed for warm air humidification to relieve dryness or nasal congestion and can be seamlessly integrated into the S8 CPAP product range.

The H5i is incredibly easy to use. The S10 automatically detects when the H5i is connected. Once you've connected the H5i, you don't need to do anything else.

The Resmed H5i comes with a standard hose or with a water container that can be cleaned:
The standard hose is a one-piece hose that needs to be replaced every six months.

The water container is easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble. It is also suitable for multiple use for patients in a clinic, hospital or sleep laboratory.

Humidifier H5i is included in the price
Swift FX is so soft, light and simple, you can hardly feel it!

The minimal contact on the face and their subtle design make the therapy less intimidating and easier to accept.

Simple, supple and stable
Does not slip as the patient moves
Designed for optimal compliance
Immediate, immediate adjustment
Stable even under high pressure
Helps the patient sleep better

Resmed Airsense s10 AutoSet Cuddly comfort everywhere

ResMed Airsense s10, From the tip of the nose pillow to the supple and secured sides with the soft wraps, the entire system helps to provide more comfort

Doesn't slip when you move
Double-walled cushions and flexible padding base adapt to your movements and won't slip
Lightweight Spring-flex tubes reduce pulling on the mask and improve stability
Barely noticeable
Minimalism enhances the feeling of freedom - in terms of how the user feels, sees and looks

Choice of sleeping position
Swift FX users can sleep on their side or back and position the tubes as desired

Quiet performance for peaceful sleep
The innovative design releases the airflow for quiet Resmed mask performance - only 25 dBA

What is that?
The Mirage Quattro is the fourth generation of user-friendly full face masks based on the latest technologies.

This extremely lightweight Resmed CPAP mask fits over 95% of users and has a MicroFit regulator that adapts to patients' facial contours with 24 possible positions, improving their compliance and comfort while sleeping.

The Mirage Quattro is characterized by Spring-Air technology, which adapts to body or jaw movements at night and thus guarantees an optimal mask fit.

With the easy-release set and forget headband clip, Mirage Quattro leads the way in comfort and efficiency.

Quality features for the Resmed s10 AutoSet machine, mask, filter and software

Fits over 95% of patients.
The MicroFit regulator with its 24 setting options (increases by 1 mm each) ensures an optimal mask fit.
Higher and wider cushion that fits all users.

maintains resmed mask fit even for patients who drop their chin

Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transport.
Compatible with all ResMed CPAP devices

Latex free.
Easily release the headband clip.
Set-and-forget headband clip.
Quiet operation and venting.
The headband is made of Breath-O-Prene material.
4 mask sizes to choose from (XS, S, M, L)

Advantages of ResMed Airsense s10

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Flexible customization options.
  • Extremely efficient.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Optimal solution for a falling chin.
  • Easy to use.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • Easy to set up and take down.
  • Easy to solve.
  • Absolutely tight.

What is a CPAP Resmed mask?

A CPAP Resmed mask is an important part of CPAP therapy and also represents a sensitive interface between people and the therapy device.

For the patient, the mask is probably the most critical point in sleep apnea therapy , as it sits on sensitive areas of the face for several hours every day. For successful CPAP therapy, it is therefore particularly important to find the right sleep apnea mask.

Which CPAP Resmed masks are there?

Offer ResMed Airsense s10 CPAP masks, sleep apnea resmed masks can be divided into three different categories: nasal masks, nasal pillow masks and full face masks (also called full face masks or mouth-nose masks).

Nasal pillow mask: A nasal pillow mask does not cover the entire nose, the bridge of the nose is free. The mask's nose pads align with the nostrils.

Full face mask: The full face mask covers both the mouth and nose and is therefore very suitable for patients who tend to breathe through their mouth at night.

Nose mask: The mask cushion of the nose mask sits over the entire nose and thus covers the nostrils. The mouth is free.


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